Best Stable Diffusion NSFW Prompts

New to Stable Diffusion? Check out the beginner’s tutorial. Then check out the model list and then the LoRA list. For samplers, the most commonly used are: Chilloutmix prompts Model: Chilloutmix LoRAs used: Remember to: Nude / sexy general prompts Perfect World prompts Model: Perfect World LoRAs used:

Best LoRAs for Stable Diffusion NSFW Images

LoRAs may be the reason that you’re not getting the results you want with your NSFW generations. LoRAs smaller models you use in addition to existing checkpoint models. They’re trained on a specific subject (such as an art style, a character, a body type, a sex act etc), and will push the generations towards that … Read more

15 Best NSFW Stable Diffusion Models, by popularity (Realistic + Hentai Anime)

This is a realistic/semi-realistic NSFW model list + hentai/anime NSFW model list for Stable Diffusion. You can jump straight to the Anime/Hentai section. However, many models aim for “in-between” anime and realistic, and I’ve put these into the realistic section. New and don’t know how to use models? Read the getting started guide. Don’t want … Read more

Midjourney: Sexy Beautiful Women Prompts

Midjourney NSFW filters are pretty strong… and if you push them they will ban you… I recommend using the Niji mode instead. I believe you can push the limits of what is allowed more with Niji mode. Also another recommendation: use more image prompts. Prompt Example Image/s realistic photo, chest, young Monica … Read more