Multiple Characters

Description Prompt Negative Prompt Image vibrator NSFW,(4girls with school bags standing in a school hallway:1.3),(Long skirt:1.6),(high detailed Black pinafore Dress,Belt,red bowtie:1.4),(skirt lift,lifted by self:1.5),(vaginal object insertion,high detailed vibrator,pussy juice,ahegao,trembling:1.5),(Various color hair),(:D,Smile,long hair with side ponytail,long hair with braid,short hair,disheveled hair:1.2),ahoge, (hair ribbon,scrunchie),Tareme,fullbody,wet,(shiny skin),medium breasts,beautiful detailed eyes,dot nose, side blunt bangs, hairs between eyes,perfect lighting,daytime,Light leak,morning,dynamic … Read more

Machine Bondage

Some prompts for machine bondage with NAI Diffusion. Name Prompt Negative Prompt Notes Image forced fall device science fiction, {{big machinery}}, {{{machine sex}}}, {{{she is inside machine box}}}, {{{{{robot dildo in pussy}}}}}, {{{a lot of electrical cables connecting head}}}, {{{a lot of electrical cables connecting body}}}, {{{a lot of electrical cables hanging wings}}}, restrained, bondage, … Read more

Public Exposure

Some prompts for public exposure with NAI Diffusion. Description Prompt Negative prompt Image nurse upskirt {{{{masterpiece}}}}, {{{{highly detailed}}}},[[[realistic art?]]], beautiful child girl, slender,small breasts, {{{{bangs}}}}, {{1girl}},solo,{{looking afar}}, [expressionless], medium hair, short ponytail,{{{nurse}}},short sleeves, {{{nurses cap}}}, white panties, {{white pantyhose}}, {white Nurse Sandals}, stethoscope, {{pigeon toed}},{{squatting}}, name tag, foot focus, from below, full body , hug … Read more

Sex Prompts

Some prompts for sex general with NAI Diffusion, however prompts will work on most models. There are many higher quality models than NAI Diffusion now Also, you should use a LoRA for better results Genitals are sometimes pixelated to comply with Japanese law, they will not be in your results. Topic Prompt Negative Prompt (Undesired … Read more

Blowjob/Boobjob Prompts

Some prompts for blowjob / titty fuck / facial with NAI. Topic Prompt Negative Prompt (Undesired Content) Example Image Cum bath bukkake, 4 large penis, penis on har hands, {{{{multiple boys around her}}}}, {excessive cum}, {pojecile cum}, [nsfw], 1girl, {{hand job}}, naked, {{{{sitting on bathtub filled with much more vast semen}}}}, nipples, navel, pussy, {disgust, … Read more