Blowjob/Boobjob Prompts

Some prompts for blowjob / titty fuck / facial with NAI.

TopicPromptNegative Prompt (Undesired Content)Example Image
Cum bathbukkake, 4 large penis, penis on har hands, {{{{multiple boys around her}}}}, {excessive cum}, {pojecile cum}, [nsfw], 1girl, {{hand job}}, naked, {{{{sitting on bathtub filled with much more vast semen}}}}, nipples, navel, pussy, {disgust, scowl, teardrops, crying}, {{{{{cum on hair, facial, cum in mouth, gokkun}}}}}, younger, hair ornament, black bowl cut hair, blunt bangs, mint eyes, medium breasts, indoor, {{bathtub}}, facing the front, from above, {{full body}}, navel focus, looking at viewer, {{perfect face}}, {{perfect anatomy}}, intricate, (highly detailed),longbody, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, missing hands,missing arms, missing legs,extra digit, fewer digits, multiple foots,cropped, worst quality, low quality,3d,less than (surrealism:20.0),nsfw,{blush},pubic hair,facing_away, from behind, back, puffy nipples, nsfw, {blush},Eye iris,shoes, blush,boy,sculpture,luster,Smooth skin,flexible body,nsfw, {blush},{{extra breasts}},{{water}},fellatio, paizuri 
reluctant blowjob{masterpiece}, {{hyper extreme detailed}}, nsfw, {{couple}}, 1boy, fat-man, {{standing beside of girl}}, 1 girl, solo focus, {{fellatio}}, {{deep throat}}, {{oral}}, {{large penis}}, female masturbation, fingering, nude, {{arms behind head}}, {{kneeling}}, {{tear}}, {{scared}}, {{angry}}, {{cum on mouth}}, nipples, navel, pussy, collar, handcuffs, shackles, pubic tattoo, child toddler, black short hair, yellow eyes, flat chest, petit-demon wings, {demon tail}, indoor, {{basement}}, cowboy shot, from above, {{perfect face}}, {{perfect anatomy}}, intricate, (highly detailed),Pablo Picasso,{{3d}},grayscale,longbody, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, pubic hair,extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality,nsfw,blash,Smooth Curves in girl,Eye iris,shoes, blush,boy,sculpture,luster,Smooth skin,flexible body,nsfw, {blush},skin-colored,3girl,horror,grey eye.iris,pipul,yellow eye,black eye, gray eye,blue eye,{{{{{red sclera}}}}},green eye,{{{{futanari}}}},{{{{ full-package futanari}}}},{{penis from girl}}, newhalf,{{penis on pussy}},disembodied_penis, 
blowjob with eye contactfilming, tearing up, nsfw, fellatio, oral, licking_penis
Deepthroat blowjob{masterpiece}, {hyper extreme detailed}, nsfw, 1girl, solo focus, detailed eye, 1boy, {{fellatio}}, {oral}, deepthroat, irrumatio, {large_penis}, cum_in_mouth, saliva, {mouth hold}, mouth pursed, scared, angry, tears, {sweat}, excessive cum, POV, {{semen}}glans penis
blowjob1boy, nsfw, 1girl, fellatio, oral, licking_penis, large_penis, masterpiece, solo_focus
double blowjobNSFW,finely detailed beautiful eyes and detailed face, perfect anatomy, colorful, sidelight, street, hetero,unsensored,(loli:1.2),(fellatio:1.5),([partially ([[sweat:love juice:0.5] cum:0.1] drip onto)faces:1.2),(2girls and 1boy:1.2),(penis on face),(veiny 1penis:1.3),(open mouth:1.2),(tongue out:1.3),(cum on tongue:1.3),(cum on hair:1.1),(torogao:1.2),smile,black hair,pink hair,silver hair, :d, blush,(in orgasm:1.2),(Black pinafore dress:1.5),(extremely detailed CG:1.3), (8k wallpaper:1.2}, (beautiful detailed hair:1.2),(masterpiece:1.2), (best quality:1.2), ((ultra-detailed)), (illustration:1.2),medium breasts,(perfect lighting:1.2),(Classroom in school),((long hair side ponytail)),ahoge,Tarem, (disheveled hair:1.1), floating, beautiful detailed red eyes, overexposure, side blunt bangs,hairs between eyes, sunrise,(frills),(red bowtie ribbon),Close up face,(from above:1.2), (bedroom:1.2), (looking at viewer:1.1)lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, low quality body parts, missing body parts, disproportional body parts, indistinguishable body parts, branched body parts, bent, body parts, rheumatism finers, ugly fingers, melted fingers, too fat, too skiny, low quality female, low quality male, poor colors, low quality clothes, poor background, wholesome, 3D, CG, less details, 2girl, censored, multiple legs, Lesbian, gay,
Blowjob on all fours{{{{:>=}}}}, {{{{{masterpiece}}}}}, [sketch], {{all fours}}, {{{from above}}}, oil, looking up, ass, back, thighs, 1boy, male pubic hair, veiny penis, nsfw, 1girl, solo focus, hetero, [face only], {irrumatio}, {deepthroat}, {oral}, half-closed eyes, troubled eyebrows, {{sweat}}, bed room, {cum in mouth}, {{nude}}, {{bb (fate)}, hair behind ear, white gloves, red ribbon, cuffs, long purple hair, purple eyes, seductive smile,from behind, anal, nipples, breasts, huge breasts, navel, collarbone, stomach, 2boys, 2girls, multiple penises, multiple boys, sex from behind, thick eyebrows,
Boobjobpaizuri, large_penis, breasts, 1boy, nsfw, 1girl, breast_squeeze, masterpiece
Boobjob with facialcum_on_breasts, bukkake, cum_on_body, cum
doujin-style boobjob(masterpiece:1.1), (best quality), (Sketch:1.3), (manga:1.4), (monochrome:1.2), upper body, (pink nipples:1.3) (rise up hands:1.2), (pov), (from below), (lying in the room),((spilt white cream) on breast and ((dripping down)), (breast squeeze:1.1), (paizuri to shota’s penis:1.3), black hair, [[wavy]] low twintails hair, (pink blush:1.2), aqua eyes, (medium breasts) (motion lines:1.0), (navel))puffy nipple, multiple breasts, (mutated hands and fingers:1.5), (long body:1.3), (fat body:1.2), (mutation, poorly drawn :1.2), Cubism, pablo picasso, bad anatomy, liquid body, disfigured, malformed,mutated, malformed hands, long neck, blurred, lowres, bad proportions, uncoordinated body, unnatural body 
T-shirt over boobjobnsfw, {{{asanagi}}}, 1girl, {{{1boy}}}, {{{after paizuri}}}, {{{paizuri}}}, {{clothed}}, {{{ejaculation under clothes}}}, {{cum in breasts}}}, {{{paizuri}}}, {{grab clothes}}, platinum blonde hair, evil grin, evil eyes, hair between eyes, hair bow, hetero, indoors, red eyes, {{{yellow shirt}}}, looking at viewer,
Double boobjob((masterpiece)),best quality,highly detailed,highres,nsfw,((2girls)),((((cooperative paizuri)))),((ffm threesome)),1boy,penis,((((paizuri)))),(after paizuri),(breast squeeze),pov,looking at viewer,breasts out,cleavage,white hair,(gothic lolita),(nipples),blush,heavy breathing,(cum on breasts),[[heart-shaped pupils]],
waiting for facial{masterpiece},{highly detailed},1girl,loli girl, full-face blush,incoming kiss,closed eyes},kneeling, {{{{{looking at viewer}}}}},from above,nsfw,school uniform, close mouth,{{{cum on face}}}
facialcum_in_mouth, cum_on_tongue, facial, bukkake
facial on top of headloli, forehead, blonde hair, looking down, cum on forehead, pojecile cum, face only, from above,

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