Sex Prompts

Some prompts for sex general with NAI Diffusion, however prompts will work on most models.

There are many higher quality models than NAI Diffusion now

Also, you should use a LoRA for better results

Genitals are sometimes pixelated to comply with Japanese law, they will not be in your results.

TopicPromptNegative Prompt (Undesired Content)Example Image
Cheering onnsfw, 1boy and 1girl, girl on top, straddling, sit astride, cheer for penis, {{hands on cheerleader pom-poms}}, cheerleader costume, midriff, pleated skirt, penis on pussy, cum on pussy, wet, vulgarity, younger, black long hair, yellow eyes, medium breasts, indoor, ~physical education warehouse, facing the front, cowboy shot, from below, POV, looking at viewer, perfect anatomy, intricate, (highly detailed),Pablo Picasso,{{3d}},grayscale,longbody, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, pubic hair,extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality,nsfw,blash,Smooth Curves in girl,Eye iris,shoes, blush,boy,sculpture,luster,Smooth skin,flexible body,nsfw, {blush},skin-colored,3girl,horror,grey eye.iris,pipul,yellow eye,black eye, gray eye,blue eye,{{{{{red sclera}}}}},green eye, {{{{futanari}}}},{{{{ full-package futanari}}}},{{penis from girl}}, newhalf,disembodied_penis,pregnant,{{from behind}}, 
Sliding on penis1 boy and 1 girl,{{ boy lying on back}}, {{{{large penis lying on boy’s body}}}, doggy style, sit astride on penis, {{{{intercrural sex}}}}, {{sit astride on large penis}}, air mat, {{prostitute}}, {{sexual service}}, {{wet}}, {{sweat}}, {{{{lotion}}}}, [[nsfw?]], nude, nipples, navel, pussy, lolicon, pink low twintails hair, pink eyes, flat chest, indoor, sex shop, facing the front, from outside, girl focus, cowboy shot, {{perfect face}}, {{perfect anatomy}}, intricate, (highly detailed),Pablo Picasso,3d,grayscale,longbody, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, pubic hair,extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality,nsfw,blash,Smooth Curves in girl,Eye iris,shoes, blush,boy,sculpture,luster,Smooth skin,flexible body,nsfw, {blush},skin-colored,3girl,horror,grey eye.iris,pipul,yellow eye,black eye, gray eye,blue eye,{{{{{red sclera}}}}},green eye, fire work, text,cow bell,multiple_penises,crown, 
piledrivernsfw, 1 girl, naked, pile-driver(sex position), lying, legs up, nipples, navel, open pussy, ass, heel, ○○, full body, wet, pussy jouce, vulgarity, facing the front, perfect anatomy, foots out of viewer, on bed,Pablo Picasso,longbody, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, missing fingers, missing hands,missing arms, missing legs,extra digit, fewer digits, multiple foots,cropped, worst quality, low quality,3d,less than (surrealism:20.0),nsfw,{blush},pubic hair,facing_away, from behind, back, puffy nipples, nsfw, {blush},Eye iris,shoes, blush,boy,sculpture,luster,Smooth skin,flexible body,nsfw, {blush},
creampiejavelin (azur lane),{{{{cum,cum on ass}}}},1girl,{{large puplis,big eyes,tareme,upper eyelashes}},green eyes,hair between eyes,colored eyelashes,eyebrows visible through hair,purple hair,bangs,long hair,sidelocks,purple bow,hair ribbon,high ponytail,hair ornament,mini crown,small breasts,blush,:pleading_face:,closed mouth,parted lips,white camisole,sleeveless shirt,bare shoulders,collarbone,sailor collar,{{pleated plaid purple miniskirt,lace-trimmed purple miniskirt}},kneehighs,black legwear,blue footwear,bare legs,ankle socks,belt,{{{{white panties}}}},white gloves,single glove,bridal gauntlets,armband,{{{{{{lying,side on bed,on bed,from side,show hip,ass focus,glapping own ass,girl grabbing a skirt}}}}}},looking at viewer,bed room,{{{{{{{{{{100-layer,well-organized,stylish,kawaii,illustration}}}}}}}}}},nsfw{{{{{{{{long body}}}}}}}},bad anatomy,liquid body,malformed,mutated,anatomical nonsense,bad proportions,uncoordinated body,unnatural body,disfigured,ugly,gross proportions,mutation,disfigured,deformed,{{{{{{mutation, poorlydrawn}}}}}},{{{{multiple view,pablo picaso,H.R. Giger, Gustave Dore, Flora Borsi}}}},{{{{{{{{{{mutated hands and fingers}}}}}}}}}},{{{{missing arm}}}},fused clothes,poorly drawn clothes,text font ui,error,lowers,lowres,blurred,text,ui,error,cropped,watermark,username,JPEG artifacts,signature,{{blurry}},censored,duplicate,{{{3D}}},worst quality,low quality,normal quality,thick lips,owres,bad anatomy,extra digit,fewer digits,cropped,jpegartifacts,watermark,{{{{black white}}},{{{bright color}}},{{{inaccurate limb and hand and finger and arm}}},fused fusion,{extra fingers},blurry blur,(branch or robot),{{missing fingers}},bad hands,missing fingers,extra digit,fewer digits,text,{{{{{{{{penis,1boy,panty cutout,realistic}}}}}}}},
mystery happy box✨🤟😁🤗😍😆👍🙌✨👩‍👩‍👦‍👦sex sex sex wet wet✨✨ ❗ 🙏😁❤ 
piledriver{キャラの特徴}~{sweat},teasing smile,1girl,nsfw,{{masterpiece}}, {{highly detailed}}, on back,{spread legs},{{legs up}},{{{girl is fucked by dick}}},{{money}},cum on vagina,{{steam}},{{{the girl is lying on the oilily pink air mattress}}},pink wall,pink room, bathroom,{{{oil}}},{{{vagina focus}},{{{money}}},beautiful detailed vagina,beautiful detailed legs,high contrast,pov,no panties
Y-shaped raised leg{{masterpiece}}, girl, nsfw, 1girl, {{{Y balance}}}, {{leg grab}}, {{{one leg up}}}, pussy, vaginal, sex, 1boy, penis, cum,
upside down{{{nsfw}}}, {{{{{1girl, 1boy}}}}}, {{{{{wide spread legs, wide spread knees, upside-down, bend down, sex, hetero, cum in pussy, leg grab, on back, lying}}}}}, bed, pillow, head on pillow
classroom loli{{{loli}}}, a girl, nsfw, {{sex}}, wet, {{classroom}}, {list skirt} , {{T-shirt with a picture}}, {randsel}{masterpiece}, {cum on face}, {cum on body}, facial, bukkake, spread pussy, {{smile}}, {{two men}}, {{grab her body}}
cowgirl & hug lolijitome, light blue hair, school uniform, long hair, seductive smile, {{loli}}, {{open arms for viewer}}, leaning forward, {{hug}}, open mouth, girl_on_top, straddling, pov, nsfw, flat chest, blue eyes, POV, clothes lift
cowgirl karaokensfw,1boy,1girl,highly detailed,{{{{hetero,cowgirl position sex,girl_on_top}}}}, {{{{Woman singing with a microphone in her hand while having sex}}}}, {{{{{{{woman holding a microphone with one hand}}}}}}, {{{{{{singing}}}}}}, {{panties aside}}, boy grab ass,cum, {{looking_at_viewer}}, grin, motion lines,evil smile,drop tears,heart,musical note in a speech bubble,{{{gasp out}}},{{saliva}},[[crying]],[embarrassed],blush face,{open mouse},{room with monitor in background},ここからキャラ情報lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, 2girl, 3girl, boy’s face, man’s face, man’s sholder, boy’s sholder, boy’s arm, man’s arm, multiple, looking_back, Side view face, bare back, from behind , back focus, ass, anus, doggystyle sex, pov, smartphone, spread legs, missionary, looking_at_another, looking_to_the_side, all fours, sex from behind, smile, from avobe, bubble, Woman holding hands with man, looking back,
through curtainnsfw, {{{{{{masterpiece}}}}}}, {{{{1girl}}}}, solo focus, {{{{{{{{pelvic curtain}}}}}}}}, sweat, steam, large brasts, {{groin}}, covered navel,{{{partially visible vulva}}}, {{{cervix}}}}, cameltoe, {{{{looking at viewer}}}}, {{{partially visible vulva}}}, solo, {shiny clothes}, wet, on bed, {{{{spread legs}}}}, {{{{{{breasts out}}}}}}, {{{{{breastless clothes}}}}}, shiny gloves, shiny thighhighs, raised eyebrows, excited, torogao, light smile, {{{{{implied sex}}}}}, heavy breathing, {{{girl on top}}}, dark-skinned male, {{torso grab}}, [from below], [bare shoulders,],multiple views, reference sheet, sprite sheet, character profile, comic, loli, futanari, mutated hands and fingers, multiple girls, extra nipples,

(don’t know why this one came out as piledriver)
pussy, vaginal, sex, 1boy, penis, nsfw, 1girl
sex from behind (general)doggystyle, sex_from_behind, ass , ass_focus
sex (general)nsfw, 1girl, medium breasts, nude, nipples, breasts, navel, long hair, cum, hetero, pussy, vaginal, sweat, sex, 1boy, penis,
cowgirl (general)masterpiece, high detailed, girl_on_top, stradding, ass, femdom, penis, nsfw,
lying down open leg{{{{{{blonde hair girl}}}}}}, solo, nsfw, {facing away}, full-face blush, {{{after vaginal}}}, pov, from behind, close up, fisheye, [[depth of field]], {{{{{trembling}}}}}, fucked silly, {{{{ahegao}}}}, {{{rolling eyes}}}, [tongue out], bukkake, {{{cumdrip}}}, {{{cum pool}}}, {{{{{{excessive cum}}}}}}, {{{{{{inflation}}}}}}, {{{{{{overflow}}}}}}, {{realistic}}, curvy, [[[[[muscle]]]]], super detailed, good lighting, bedroom, dark droom, bed sheet, pillow, spread legs, arms up, {{{open mouth}}}, {{{drooling}}}, {{{sweat}}}, earrings, super detailed lingerie, garter straps, choker, back focus,
doggystylemasterpiece,nsfw,1boy,1girl,back focus,uncensored,boy grab ass, bare back,from behind ,{{{hetero,doggystyle sex}}},highly detailed,solo focus,sweet,facing away, sound effects, speech bubble , high detail,anus ,heart,[[[love juice]]],cum,many spoken hearts,{{{motion lines}}},{{multiple orgasm}},{Sweat dripping down from back of body},{ {panties aside}}, additional location example from here {{girl grabbing a bed sheet}},bed room, character detail example gloves,long black hair,magical girl,lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, face, boy’s face, man’s face, looking_at_viewer , nipple, nipples, blurry, Side view face, looking_back, facing_viewer, multiple, eye, nose, mouse, pupil, profile, from side, stomach, navel,
kissingkiss, hug, nsfw, {sex}, {masterpiece portrait}, 1girl and 1boy, {dark brown hair, long hair, blown hair, [[large breasts]], medium breasts, purple eyes}, wet, {sweat} , bedroom
sitting1girl,depressed,kawaii,sketch, on captain seat ,grab hands,sex,a little tear on eyes,shout,beautiful eyelashes,sex,cum in pussy,cockpit,[[[[[implied pregnant]]]]],orgasm,nsfw,,sketch,smartphone,blue eyes,,{black turtleneck sweater},cute,masterpiece, middle breast,tan trench coat, military hat, blank eyes, blonde hair ponytail, long hair, by Yoji Shinkawa,
monochromensfw,10-year-old, A cheerful,{{{{{🇯🇵}}}}},{{{{1girl,realistic,photorealistic,}}}},outdoors,city,building,sunlight,seductive smile,embarrassed,sitting,flat chest,skinny,sweat,{{{{loli,child,childhood,teenage,childish age,young age,small height}}}},{{{pussy,childish pussy,spread her pussy,pussy focus,cum,cum on pussy,masterbation,female masturbation}}},cute,ultra detailed skin,sketch,10000-layer,highest,best,amazing,great,detail,stylish, detailed skin,sketch,10000-layer,highest,best,amazing,great,detail,stylish,
monochrome creampiensfw,{{{{1girl,realistic,photorealistic}}}},seductive smile,breasts,skinny,{{school,school uniform}},desk,{{{{loli,child,childhood,teenage}}}},nude,{pussy,spread her pussy,cum,cum on pussy,masterbation,straddling,},{{{back,doggystyle,penis,1boy}}},cute,ultra detailed skin,sketch,10000-layer,highest,best,amazing,great,detail,stylish,

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