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Niji V5 Cute/Sexy Girl Prompts List (midjourney anime mode)

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Best Stable Diffusion NSFW Prompts

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Best LoRAs for Stable Diffusion NSFW Images

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15 Best NSFW Stable Diffusion Models, by popularity (Realistic + Hentai Anime)

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Midjourney: Sexy Beautiful Women Prompts

Midjourney NSFW filters are pretty strong… and if you push them they will ban you… I recommend using the Niji … Read more

[Tutorial] Beginner’s Guide to Stable Diffusion NSFW/Hentai Generation

There isn’t any very clear material on how to use Stable Diffusion for NSFW/nude/hentai generation, so today I’m going to … Read more

Anime Prompts

Images are created with NAI Diffusion unless specified otherwise.

Good Resources

p1atdev’s library


Most comprehensive NovelAI prompt library for all character features – eyes, face, clothing etc. Only in Japanese.

Codex of the Elements


Gigantic Chinese tome of prompt knowledge, divided into multiple scrolls. For local NAI Diffusion.