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Machine Bondage & Cyborg AI Prompts (NSFW) NAI Diffusion

Some prompts for machine bondage/cyborg tropes with NAI Diffusion.

These will work with NAI based

Niji V5 Cute/Sexy Girl Prompts List (midjourney anime mode)

At the moment … Niji V5 (Midjourney Anime special model) blows anything you could do with Stable Diffusion out of the water...

Best Stable Diffusion NSFW Prompts

New to Stable Diffusion? Check out the beginner’s tutorial

Midjourney: Sexy Beautiful Women Prompts

Multiple Characters

DescriptionPromptNegative Promp...

Public Exposure

Some prompts for public exposure with NAI Diffusion.

Sex Prompts

Some prompts for sex general with NAI Diffusion, however prompts will work on most models.