Best LoRAs for Stable Diffusion NSFW Images

LoRAs may be the reason that you’re not getting the results you want with your NSFW generations.

LoRAs smaller models you use in addition to existing checkpoint models. They’re trained on a specific subject (such as an art style, a character, a body type, a sex act etc), and will push the generations towards that subject.

Some LoRAs only work well with a specific model (eg. chilloutmix), others work well with most models.

I would roughly divide them into the following categories:

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using LoRA models, users should abide by local laws and regulations and shall not violate any other person’s right to privacy

You use them by downloading the LoRA file, placing them in the lora folder in your stable-diffusion-webui folder, and using a trigger word for the LoRA in the prompt.

You can use as many LoRAs in the same prompt as you want.

SFW guide to SD LoRAs, and training your own

Here are some good LoRAs that enhance the results of your NSFW models:

Korean Doll Likeness

LoRA download link

OG LoRA, certainly one of the most famous. Trained on Korean models, not any specific person. Works well with Chilloutmix but works with other models.


LoRA download link

Trained on Chinese Tiktok influencers, not any specific real person. Works well with Chilloutmix but works with other models.

breastInClass: Better Bodies

LoRA download link

This is a LORA for better nude body types out of generated images: makes proportions sexier.

Innies Better Vulva

LoRA download link

The idea is to make the vulva on the inside for better aesthetics.


LoRA download link

Doll-like face LoRA

Ahego Rolling Eyes

LoRA download link

Ahegao (アヘ顔) is a term in Japanese porn for a facial expression of characters during sex, typically with rolling or crossed eyes and tongue out.