15 Best NSFW Stable Diffusion Models, by popularity (Realistic + Hentai Anime)

This is a realistic/semi-realistic NSFW model list + hentai/anime NSFW model list for Stable Diffusion.

Note that many models aim for an “in-between” anime and realistic; I’ve put these into the realistic section.

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Realism / Semi-realism models

1. ChilloutMix

Download link

Anonymous creator, likely the most popular and well known NSFW model of all time.

Better for sexy or cute girls than sex acts.

2. Perfect World 完美世界

Download link

Aims for the perfect balance between realism and anime. Flexible with many kinds of sex acts – much better at actual sex than chillout mix. Highly recommended as your first model, because easy to get good results.

3. ChikMix

Download link

Very versatile model, improving considerably through new versions. One of the best models right now.

4. LuckyStrikeMix

Download link

Good at a certain aesthetic of girl.

5. Lyriel

Download link

A relatively newer model, very aesthetic artistic.

6. DosMix

Download link

Good at a certain aesthetic of girl.

Note: write at the prompt (Realistic:0.1~1.4) or(realistic:0.1~1) in the negative prompt.

7. KoreanStyle2.5D

Download link

Another anime / realistic blend merge.

8. Kotosmix

Download link

Model that tends towards thiccer body.

9. Clarity

Download link

Model that better represents Western faces.

Hentai / Anime NSFW Models

10. AbyssOrangeMix3

Download link

A popular mix of other anime models.

11. Counterfeit

Download link

Anime model with a illustrator/painterly style. Very popular for Pixiv, you see this style a lot.

12. Cetus-Mix

Download link

Model with good colors, lots of creative possibilites.

13. FaceBombMix

Download link

Anime model, quite similar aesthetic as Counterfeit.

14. AbyssOrangeMix2 Hardcore

Download link

Hardcore version of AOM.

15. AbyssOrangeMix2 Softcore

Download link

Softcore/SFW/Soft NSFW version of AOM.

Best LoRAs

What are LoRAs?

They’re files you add to existing models to get better results. They can be trained for anything – an art style, a position, a pose etc.

Longer list: List of NSFW LoRAs

You use them by downloading the lora file, placing them in the lora folder in your stable-diffusion-webui folder, and using a trigger word for the LoRA in the prompt.

Here are some pretty good LoRAs that you use in combination with the models above to enhance results.

LoRA: Cute_girl_mix4

Download link

Mix from Chinese Tiktok influencers, not any specific real person. Works well with Chilloutmix but works with other models as well, to generate natural, cute Chinese girls.

LoRA: breastInClass: Better Bodies

Download link

This is a LORA for better nude body types out of generated images: makes proportions sexier.

LoRA: Innies Better Vulva

Download link

Make the vulva on the inside for better aesthetics.